For Patients, Families, And Doctors

Carebox connects patients, families, and their physicians with treatment options only available in clinical trials.

Empowering patients and their caregivers

Patients have for too long been viewed as a passive participant in the clinical trial recruitment process. That’s not how it works today. If you’re a patient or helping care for one, you’re probably regularly online learning about the condition and treatment options. You’re not just passively listening to your doctor, you’re asking questions, suggesting things you’ve learned about, and are an active partner in making treatment decisions.

Carebox Connect is all about empowering you to know and understand how the advanced treatment options being evaluated and approved in clinical trials can help support you (or your loved one) and inform your doctor’s decisions about what to do next, as well as considering what might be right further down the road, in treating your condition.

Carebox Connect

The Carebox connect application puts the power of the platform at the fingertips of any patient, family member, caregiver, or treating physician considering the advanced treatment options available in clinical trials.

You can think of Carebox Connect as a supercharged version of the website with which you may already be familiar. In fact, multiple times each day, Carebox Connect synchronizes with to ensure that the content available on is also available on Carebox Connect, but that is only the beginning.

Here’s some of what you’ll uniquely find on Carebox Connect – whether on a desktop PC, a tablet or a mobile phone:


Answer a few questions to learn which clinical trials are looking for participants with your specific diagnosis, stage, and treatment history.

Eligibility filters

Go beyond filtering trials by condition, phase, and location. Filter based on clinical and genomic eligibility criteria to zoom in on the studies that are most relevant.


Create an account to save your condition questionnaires and filters so they are immediately available on your next visit. Even better, have Carebox Connect reach out to you when there are new studies that match your criteria.

Curated fields

Our team of PhD-led data specialists enhances the Carebox Connect trial database with fields such as “required genomic marker” and “modality of treatment” to help you better find what is most relevant.

Patient-friendly text

With the help of our trial sponsor partners, we provide lay-friendly alternates to the “scientific” language in, which describe the trials, their purpose, their structure, and more.


We are continually enhancing our translated content to ensure that Carebox Connect speaks your language, around the world. This includes webpage translation as well as translation of clinical trial content such as titles and summaries.

More trial sources

Not all trials are on Carebox Connect integrates from other international and national registries as well as from CTMS systems of our trial sponsor and site partners.

Partner websites

Carebox Connect partners have branded websites with additional information about their studies and drugs, their research programs, and more. For relevant conditions and trials, those are always one click away.

Carebox Connect “Inside”

The Carebox Connect application is not the only place where you can experience the Carebox Connect platform. Many Carebox customer websites have Carebox Connect technology embedded inside their patient and physician-facing websites, applications, and services. Click on one of the Connect Connect customer implementations below to learn more about where else you can benefit from Carebox Connect.

Click here to use Carebox Connect and get connected with relevant clinical trials.