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Carebox connects patients, families, and their physicians with treatment options only available in clinical trials. Learn more

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For patients, families, and treating physicians

If you’ve searched ClinicalTrials. gov or used a trial finder, you know how frustrating it can be to wade through a seemingly endless list of complicated descriptions and eligibility criteria requirements. We have created something very different with Carebox Connect!

Find a match

Answer a few questions to learn which clinical trials are looking for participants with your specific diagnosis, stage, and treatment history.

Know your options

Only 3% of cancer patients who are potentially eligible benefit from the treatments in clinical trials. Less than 1/3 of doctors discuss clinical trials with patients.

Get connected

Identify trials of interest, check your preliminary eligibility, get a summary for review with your doctor, and/or connect with study teams to explore participation.

Stay informed

Create an account and store a patient profile or search filter so you can be proactively notified of new studies that might be right for you (or your patient).

For clinical trial sponsors

Meeting clinical trial enrollment goals on time and in budget keeps getting harder with decentralized trials, digital consumer expectations, diversity mandates, and specialized genomic populations. If your patient recruitment strategy is still focused only on site-selection and marketing agencies, it’s only going to get worse.

Answer the question

“What treatment options do you have for me?” - does your website welcome patients and doctors and answer that most basic question?

Match and refer

Your study sites are overburdened. Don’t inundate them with irrelevant inquiries. Bring them high quality referrals.

Stop throwing money away

Put in place the foundations for long-term patient engagement and insight that goes beyond needle-in-a-haystack advertising, per-study pre-screeners, and other insufficiently effective and overly expensive initiatives.

Tap into the network

The Carebox Connect platform is being embedded everywhere connected digital health consumers and their doctors are considering treatment options.

For clinical trial sites

As a leading research hospital, you’re marketing team is getting the word out about your research programs and clinical trials. You’re generating physician referrals and patient inquiries. Now what? What happens when they call your overburdened call center to get connected to a study team?

Improve patient experience

This is the first encounter many patients will have with your health system, and they are not getting the information and navigation they need. Whether they ultimately enroll in a trial or choose to take advantage of your other offerings, their patient experience starts now.

Reduce study team burden

Your research teams are not staffed to handle basic clinical trial education, initial pre-qualification, and re-routing of inquiries for other services. You expect them to be responsive to inquiries, but that requires limiting their focus to relevant inquiries.

Don't fly blind

What visibility do you have on the funnel of patient and physician inquiries about your research program and clinical trials? What is getting routed where? Where are the barriers to conversion? Are you throwing good money after bad on marketing and outreach programs?

Meet your recruitment goals

When you stop frustrating patients, stop overburdening study teams, and know what is really happening from initial inquiry through to enrollment, you’ll be able to invest smartly and effectively to bring the right patients to your clinical trials – on time and in budget.

Known by the company we keep

You may not yet have heard about Carebox Connect, but there’s a good chance you’ve used our platform via one of our partners. We’re powering solutions from leading pharma/biotech companies, research centers, and patient advocacy groups.

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