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“What clinical trials do you have for me?”

It’s the first and most basic question that patients and doctors need you to answer when they visit the “clinical trials” section of your web site. Are you answering the question or putting up roadblocks?

Patient Connect™

The patient engagement platform for clinical trial recruitment

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Ensure every clinical trial search matches patients to the right trials at the right time
Encourage all patients to opt-in to a recruitment registry for future conversion, engagement and insights
Facilitate verifiable connection of pre-qualified patients with trial sites
Capture early interest in your pipeline from scientific meetings & publications and thought leader engagement
Ensure every R&D/pipeline mention includes a call to action that connects to your open trials
Ensure all corporate communications includes a non-promotional call-to-action
Optimize spend with real-time conversion metrics
Eliminate redundant infrastructure with always-available, best-in-class website presentation of your trials
Non-promotional web site captures inquiries from every outreach program (no need for IRB reviews)
Optimize recruitment spend with real-time dashboards of conversion metrics per study and/or campaign
Stop wasting site time and resources with inappropriate leads
Gain visibility into sites’ responsiveness to patients and physicians

Known by the company we keep

You may not yet have heard of us, but you probably know several of our customers / partners. We’re powering solutions from leading pharmaceutical companies, research centers, and patient advocacy groups.

If it was easy, anybody could do it

There are no end of “clinical trial finders” out there that repurpose the structured data on clinicaltrials.gov. But when it comes to MATCHING patient clinical/genomic data to the unstructured eligibility criteria – that’s a different story…

Our human-supervised AI and automation turns the unstructured jumble of clinicaltrials.gov into a searchable database of patient eligibility criteria.

Over 600,000 patients have already used our condition-based questionnaire library to match to clinical trials.

Our robust APIs and “widgets” let you selectively embed Patient Connect capabilities to enhance the clinical trial section of your existing web site.

Dashboards and analytics present web site visits and activity, questionnaire completion and matching results, and site referrals.

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