Carebox Connect for Sponsors

Trial Sponsors and Sites achieve patient-centricity, promote diversity, and optimize enrollment in studies.

Why Carebox Connect?

There are no shortage of recruitment companies promising to reach the patients and doctors you need. So, how are we different?

Alignment with patient treatment journeys

Recruitment campaigns that don’t consider ongoing engagement over time won’t be effective if there isn’t a systemic way to convert initial interest into sustained engagement.

Not just one phase of one trial

Your trial enrollment window might not line up with the patient’s current state in their treatment journey. That’s why every recruitment activity should always be about your full portfolio for a given condition, now and in the future.

Ensure your digital “front door” is not slammed shut

A patient or doctor learned about your research program, what are they going to see when they get to your digital “front door”? R&D pipeline material designed for investors or actionable guidance for patients and doctors seeking treatment options?


Answer their question and help them take the next step

The first question they need answered is “what do you have for me (or my patient)?”. Then they need to understand how to take the next step – which might be downloading something to take to their next doctor appointment, or a click-to-call to speak to a nearby study team.

Site selection isn’t enough

What happens after site gets patient information. Is a connection made? Does it result in enrollment? If not, why not? If you don’t know what is happening, how can you improve it?

A bad referral is worse than no referral

Sending irrelevant patients to sites is frustrating for patients/families and a guaranteed way to ensure your site will be unresponsive when relevant patients come along. Be sure your referrals are pre-qualified and establish a reputation of not wasting the time of your overburdened and under resourced study teams.

Spend wisely

You’re not paying for clicks and impressions, you’re looking for enrollments. Only by understanding which campaigns are driving the right traffic in terms of audience and outcomes, can you optimize your spend and maximize the conversion of inquiries to enrollments.

Stop reinventing expensive wheels

Study-specific programs and websites are wasteful. You’re starting over each time, throwing away nearly all of the engagement opportunities, and starving the less “budget rich” parts of your portfolio. You need to put in place an always-on platform that captures every inquiry for the benefit of every trial.

How Does Carebox Connect Do All That?

So what exactly is Carebox Connect for Sponsors and how does it do all of that? Below we’ve summarized the core components of the solution.

Customer Showcase

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Carebox Connect Network

Your branded Carebox Connect for Sponsors platform will facilitate the build-up of a proprietary recruitment database of interested patients and physicians that can be re-contacted over time as the patient journey unfolds and as your research needs evolve.

In parallel, your platform content – lay-friendly summaries, translations, optimized condition-based matching criteria, links to external videos and PDFs, and more – can be automatically and seamlessly repurposed throughout of the Carebox Connect Network of patient advocacy groups and physician societies. And your trial data and matching rules will drive embedded Carebox Connect Network capabilities that are incorporated into electronic health records (EHRs) at the point of care, genomic test result reports, chronic care applications, social network communities, and more.

In a way that is somewhat analogous to how a retailer has a presences on Amazon and also a branded storefront of their own, the combination of your own Carebox Connect for Sponsor platform and your presence on the far-reaching Carebox Connect Network ensures consistent patient and physician experiences and delivers maximal referrals and enrollments.

Patient centricity matters

Enrolling patients in your clinical trials is a critical bottleneck in your research efforts and thus in achieving your company objectives. And it’s only getting harder.

Digital health consumers are taking more control of treatment options and patient journeys. They expect direct access to on-demand info and answers.

Precision medicine means more clinical trials are competing for the same very specific and hard to find patient populations.

Diversity mandates from the FDA and other regulators require outreach to underserved communities and greater study site distribution.

New trial models such as decentralized / hybrid trials and on-demand sites have been accelerated by COVID-19, disrupting traditional site-centric clinical trial recruitment approaches.

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