Carebox Announces Mirati Trials Website for Genetically Defined Cancers

Newest Carebox Connect Clinical Trial Sponsor Website Helps Mirati Therapeutics Deliver on Its Commitment to Patient-Centricity

RALEIGH, N.C., November 28, 2023 ( – Carebox, a leading provider of clinical trial matching solutions, proudly welcomes the launch of Mirati Trials as the newest member of the Carebox Connect family of Trial Sponsor websites. The new web application at streamlines the patient experience and increases the speed and ease in which patients living with cancer and their providers can identify and learn more about Mirati clinical trials.

“The Mirati Trials website represents our commitment to patient-centricity, innovation and collaboration, consolidating Mirati clinical trials in one central location to provide an optimized patient, caretaker and HCP experience and a clearer picture of our ongoing clinical trials,” said Denise Bruns, PhD, Senior Vice President, Integrative Sciences, Clinical Development, Mirati Therapeutics.

The Carebox Connect trial database is synchronized daily with the clinical trial data maintained by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Applying its human-supervised AI, Carebox converts the unstructured text in that describes eligibility criteria for enrollment into a searchable index of clinical criteria for matching with patient characteristics.

On that foundation, Carebox continually partners with clinical trial sponsors, like Mirati Therapeutics, with a deep commitment to patient centricity to evolve innovative ways to connect appropriate patients, families, and treating physicians with the investigational treatment options available only in research studies.

“The Mirati Trials website represents our commitment to patient-centricity, innovation and collaboration, consolidating Mirati clinical trials in one central location to provide an optimized patient, caretaker and HCP experience and clearer picture of our ongoing clinical trials.”

-Denise Bruns, PhD Senior Vice President Integrative Sciences, Clinical Development, Mirati Therapeutics

As Brian Weiss, Carebox CEO, explains: “Too often, trial sponsors are sending patients to or re-purposing regulatory disclosure tools presented as clinical trial finders. This approach is not sufficient for patients and families to answer their most pressing questions about what investigational treatment options a trial sponsor might have for them.”

The Mirati Trials website homepage features an interactive map that allows qualified patients to quickly zoom in on nearby trials not only by distance from their location but also by condition and genomic mutation/deletion.

The ContentfulTM content management platform that is embedded into the Carebox Connect platform enables Mirati Trials to present engaging visual and text content about clinical trials in general, the types of cancers that Mirati’s research is focused on, the genetic mutations that are targeted by Mirati’s drug development, and each of the individual trials showcased in Mirati Trials – in an interconnected, easy-to-navigate structure.

Mirati Trials also features condition questionnaires for trial matching and pre-screening, as well as referral management, to ensure trial sites receive pre-qualified referrals. It is supported by the Carebox Clinical Trial Navigation bilingual call center in the United States to assist patients and caregivers with any questions.

Brian summarizes: “Carebox Connect is a rich platform with unique capabilities that enables solutions like Mirati Trials to go well beyond typical clinical trial finders. We’re proud to support Mirati’s commitment to industry-leading levels of patient support.”

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