It takes a village!

Patients, families, and caregivers and their treating physicians are seeking the best treatment options with the help of solution and service providers. Pharma and research centers are bringing new cures to market and hospitals / research centers are conducting studies. We know that “it takes a village”. Neither the network nor our solutions would be possible without our partners. Wherever you fit in the clinical trial ecosystem, we want to help you empower patients and accelerate treatments…


… that’s because our matching platform and navigation services are embedded and offered by hundreds of partners, such as patient advocacy groups and other patient-facing solutions across the clinical trial ecosystem.

If you are a patient, family member, friend, or caregiver – experience the Carebox Clinical Trial Network now with one of our partners.

Treating Physicians

… or understanding what might be available for patients at specialized research centers for their patient’s condition – clinical trials need to be part of the treatment options doctors can offer their patients.

Doctors need an interface that speaks their language, minimizes clicks, and gets them quickly to what is relevant. Doctors and researchers are more proficient and capable in using than patients, but they also know all too well just how cumbersome and limited the search capabilities of are when it comes to quickly zooming in on the trials that are clinically relevant. That’s why we’re bringing our best in class clinical trial matching based on clnical and genomic eligibility critiera to the point of care.

Hospitals / Research Centers

… we can integrate with your existing workflows and process to ensure that you maximize opportunities to engage patients on related diagnostic, second option, or related services.

Whether your medical center has a handful of studies or hundreds, inquiry and referral management is likely a challenge. Study teams are not resourced to manage patient and doctor inquiries. Existing call centers are not trained to navigate clinical trial inquiries. Even within a single hospital the hand-off from a treating physician to a study team can be a daunting experience for everyone involved – especially the patient.

We offer a range of solutions from no-charge digital-only platforms to comprehensive navigation services to help ensure you get the right patients to the right study teams, that patients and doctors have positive experiences that enhance your brand and reputation, that you make the most effective use of study team resources, and that you get real-time outcomes tracking and insights for continuous process/quality improvement.

Pharma / Trial Sponsors

… subscribing your trials on the Carebox Clinical Trial Network is one of the most cost-effective lead-generation investments you can make. But more importantly, the referral management included in that subscription will transform the effectiveness of every lead you generate from any recruitment campaign, your own web site, and any other source.

Whether you opt for a digital-only solution or include our post-referral navigation services that personally follow-up with both patient and site to ensure an effective connection, you will transform everything that happens once a doctor or patient identifies your trial as being potentially relevant.

Across this “last mile” of patient recruitment are bottlenecks and barriers everywhere – from patient education/trust to overburdened sites wasting resources they don’t have fielding inquiries from the wrong candidates and not getting back to the right ones to competitive studies doing a better job getting referred patients randomized.

As the trial sponsor, you often lack visibility. Your patient recruitment program is reporting thousands of clicks and leads – but then what happens? What good is all the investment on the wide end of the funnel when nothing comes out the other side?

We encourage you to think of our solutions as the “pixie dust” you sprinkle on what you are already doing on your own at the study or corporate level and/or are expecting your sites to do when it comes to patient recruitment.

Solution Providers

…offerings. Our APIs enable our clinical and genomic matching engine to be embedded in a wide range of web sites and software applications.

We run within the searches, sites, social network communities and advocacy groups that patients already use… and the EHRs, tools and digital resources doctors already use.

Doctors and their staff who work in medical centers that have adopted our inquiry and referral management offerings can also click a button to automate the follow-up with their patients to help them get connected to a study team – with a closed-loop update back to the doctor’s staff about progress and outcomes.