The patient engagement platform for clinical trials

Ensure every clinical trial search matches patients to the right trials at the right time
Encourage all patients to opt-in to a recruitment registry for future conversion, engagement and insights
Facilitate verifiable connection of pre-qualified patients with trial sites
Capture early interest in your pipeline from scientific meetings & publications and thought leader engagement
Ensure every R&D/pipeline mention includes a call to action that connects to your open trials
Ensure all corporate communications includes a non-promotional call-to-action
Optimize spend with real-time conversion metrics
Eliminate redundant infrastructure with always-available, best-in-class website presentation of your trials
Non-promotional web site captures inquiries from every outreach program (no need for IRB reviews)
Optimize recruitment spend with real-time dashboards of conversion metrics per study and/or campaign
Stop wasting site time and resources with inappropriate leads
Gain visibility into sites’ responsiveness to patients and physicians

Why Patient Connect?

People expect on-demand answers

They’ll engage and connect if you make their lives easier.

  • Everything we browse online is curated to give us personalized results.
  • Pharmaceutical companies do this exceptionally well — for approved commercial products.

“What clinical trials do you have for me or my patient?”

Are you answering the question, or putting up roadblocks?

  • Do you send send doctors and patients to ClincalTrials.gov to find and interpret complex eligibility criteria one trial at a time?
  • Do your corporate R&D web pages herald pipelines and novel science without connecting visitors to clinical trials using these agents?
  • Do you run single trial ad campaigns that discard 99% of the leads and ignore the chance to match to the rest of your trial portfolio?

With Patient Connect you have the answer!

Answer the question and evolve patient-centric clinical trial operations:

  • Offer to match your trials based on the patient’s condition
  • Add condition-based pre-screening for individual trials
  • Connect matched patients and their referring physicians with your trial sites

What Does Patient Connect Include?

Visitors can browse, search, and filter  all available studies
Each study gets a state-of-the art dedicated web page
Interactive map of all study locations
Pre-screening for referral to site is a click away
Pre-built questionnaire library available for every condition
Eligibility criteria continuously structured and updated
Review and optimize matching rules for each study
Sites receive pre-qualified referrals with questionnaire content
Curate any study data for improved accessibility
Multilingual support for translated content
Link your digital brochures and videos
“Connect Me” button routes referrals directly to sites
Referral includes secure link to patient condition data
Dashboards for anonymous, aggregated site referral monitoring
Login option integrated in workflow for maximal participation
Consent management for re-contacting
Regulatory-sensitive “arms length” outreach via Carebox
Patient population analytic dashboards
De-identified aggregated metrics
Activity and conversion metrics
Population analytics per condition

Enterprise Services and Add-Ons

Add educational content about the clinical trials process, health conditions in focus in your portfolio, your approach to clinical research, FAQs, and more.
Meet regulatory requirements for disclosure and transparency. Include completed studies with clinical summaries, lay presentation of results, videos, and other materials related to your previous research activities.
Leverage your Patient Connect patient/physician registration for real world insight on clinical trial experiences, study design, and more.
Offer a multi-lingual experience that makes your Patient Connect site accessible around the world in alignment with your study locations globally. Translate the web site experience, condition questionnaires, and selected study data elements such as brief titles and descriptions.
Using your own navigator call center agents or ours, provide case management to guide patients through the matching process and then help ensure they successfully connect with a study team, help them troubleshoot barriers, and track outcomes through to enrollment.
Although patient information is not directly accessible by you, we can reach out to consented patient registry participants on your behalf to education and update. This includes “reverse matching” capability to assist in recruitment by reaching out to “matched” patients for a new or updated study.
Go beyond usage and conversion metrics to analyze patient populations based on anonymized questionnaire responses for study feasibility and planning, site selection, and more.

Patient Connect Showcase

Click here to view the Boehringer Ingelheim Press Release

Boehringer Ingelheim offers MyStudyWindow to provide patients, families, caregivers, and doctors consistent access to information about actively recruiting studies conducted at global site locations

Carebox develops and hosts the web platform for Boehringer-Ingelheim, which features a wide range of Patient Connect capabilities including study pages with enhanced study presentation content, as well as patient matching and pre-screening.

MyStudyWindow also showcases several enterprise add-ons of Patient Connect including multilingual content and enhanced content on clinical trials and conditions. Upcoming releases will incorporate regulatory disclosure and transparency, as well as patient and physician surveys and registries.