Carebox Clinical Trial Network Partners

Across the clinical trial patient recruitment ecosystem, we’re partnering with the most prestigious patient advocacy groups, physician societies, hospitals / research centers, pharmaceutical companies, EHR vendors, precision medicine vendors,  and more…

Below are links to a sampling of our partners (in alphabetical order).

American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT) Clinical Trials

… with a fully integrated clinical trial finder that leverages our curation and enhancement of the underlying study data to ensure ASGCT physicians can find clinical trials of interest.

AstraZeneca Cancer Study Locator

… it includes a digital platform for condition-based matching and listing of all AstraZeneca sponsored/collaborated oncology studies, our navigation services, and our clinical trial network subscriptions for those studies.

Boehringer-Ingelheim MyStudyWindow

Boehringer Ingelheim offers MyStudyWindow to provide patients, families, caregivers, and doctors consistent access to information about Boehringer Ingelheim’s actively recruiting studies conducted at global site locations.

The platform features patient-centric study titles and descriptions, educational content, and guidance on the clinical trial selection and enrollment process.

At the core of MyStudyWindow is our matching engine so that visitors can pre-screen for any BI study or use condition-based matching to identify potentially relevant BI studies.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Study Connect

… using our APIs and embedded widgets. Visitors can pre-screen for any BMS study or use condition-based matching to identify potentially relevant BMS studies.

In addition to matching to the full BMS portfolio, the Carebox matching engine enables Study Connect to present visitors that don’t match to a suitable BMS study with their matches to all other studies from any sponsor.

Celgene Yellowstone Program (

… all inquiries from multiple campaigns, web sites, and outreach flow through embedded “request a contact” forms (“web widgets”) and directly to our navigators. Weekly metrics go beyond “impressions and clicks” and trace the entire patient journey from initial interest through to referral and enrollment.

Working closely with opted-in study sites via our automated site management process, we provide email based referral management and navigator trouble-shooting to help ensure patients and study teams get connected.

Cancer Research Institute Trial Finder

… it includes a digital platform for condition-based matching and listing of cancer immunotherapy  clinical trials, our navigation services.

Our clinical trial navigators also support CRI with their nationwide summits where patients can get in person clinical trial navigation assistance.

Huntington Disease Society of America (HDSA) HD TrialFinder

… leveraging both our online digital platform and our clinical trial navigation services.

HDSA provides patient-friendly trial summaries that we incorporate into our clincial trial database and further enhances the online experience for their members.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Clinical Trial Support Center

… we provide them with a specialized CRM-extending digital platform to manage the entire lifecycle of patient and physician inquiries about blood cancer clinical trials.

LLS nurse navigators managed everything using Carebox technology – from receipt of online referral forms to delivery of a “final product” delivered as an email with a secure online link that provides patients with comprehensive customized guidance on their clinical trial treatment options.

Moffitt Cancer Center Clinical Trials

… to ensure patients and referring physicians get inquiry and referral management online or by phone or email.

Moffitt Cancer Center leverages are full clinical trial navigation service – digital platform, API embedding, navigation, and reporting.

Penn Medicine Abramson Cancer Center Clinical Trials

… we provide them with a digital platform for condition-based matching and listing of their studies and navigation services for all patient, caregiver, and referring physician inquiries.

Our referral management solution ensures that study teams receive high quality referrals with associated pre-screener questionnaires, and our navigators can troubleshoot any barriers in connecting patients and Penn study teams.

Stand Up To Cancer

… we provide them with a digital platform for condition-based matching and listing of their supported portfolio of studies and all cancer clinical trials.

Using our embedded widgets, SU2C incorporate “request a contact” forms in multiple digital properties and even helps smaller cancer advocacy groups bring navigation services to their members.