Condition-based clinical trial eligibility matching for all

Patient Connect™ addresses the needs of trial sponsors (e.g. pharmaceutical companies) and trial sites (e.g. hospitals that run clinical trials) – but at Carebox we always are concerned first and foremost with patients and their families.

The Carebox Clinical Trial Network™ is our vision for a future in which every patient – with any health condition for which there is clinical research taking place – can benefit from clinical trial matching to answer the question “what clinical trials are there for me?” in the broadest sense possible.

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Who benefits and how?

Many patients and families have already experienced the Carebox Clinical Trial Network without even knowing who we are – by virtue of our solutions for groups like Stand Up To Cancer and Cancer Research Institute. We will continue to deploy both stand-alone condition-based web sites (as we have done, for example, for COVID-19) as well as “white label” web sites for leading patient advocacy group partners.
By embedding or “white labelling” Carebox Clinical Trial Network web pages, patient advocacy groups (such as the Huntington’s Disease Society of America),  physician societies (such as the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy), and any other type of patient-facing or physician-facing organization can bring clinical trial treatment options to their constituents/members.
Trial sponsors (pharmaceutical companies) can subscribe their studies to the Carebox Clinical Trial Network to get many of the benefits of Patient Connect from the entire network of participating patient-facing and physician-facing matching web sites. This includes pre-screened referrals delivered to their study sites and rich patient population data analytics.
Trial sites (hospitals and research centers) get high-quality patient and doctor referrals from across the Carebox Clinical Trial Network, for studies they are running that are subscribed by the trial sponsor to the network.

Clinical Trials Network Showcase

Click here to visit the Stand Up to Cancer Clinical Trials web site

Stand Up To Cancer uses a branded Carebox Clinical Trials Network web site and Carebox navigation services to help cancer patients match to clinical trials.

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) works relentlessly to offer the newest, most effective, and most promising cancer treatments to patients quickly by bringing together the best minds to collaborate, innovate, and share cancer research.

To help connect patients and doctors to the research it supports – and to cancer clinical trials in general – SU2C uses a Carebox web site, embedded widgets, and navigation services, all under the SU2C brand.

Whether via digital self-service or via “request a contact” to engage a clinical trial navigator, SU2C web site visitors are connected to Carebox matching technology to help find clinical trials for themselves, loved ones, or patients.