Embed the power of Patient Connect™ in your web sites and applications.

Using our “widgets” and OAUTH-secured REST APIs, Patient Connect™ functionality can be selectively embedded as an integral part of your clinical trial web sites or web pages, chronic care mobile applications, physician applications, and more.

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Inspirata leverages Carebox APIs to bring clinical trial matching to its EHR-embedded precision medicine suite

Inspirata developed its own clinical trial matching application as an integral part of its Knowledge Hub offering that brings precision medicine clinical insights to oncologists at the point of care.

The resulting Inspirata Clinical Trials Insights, powered by Carebox clinical trial matching technology, delivers clinical trial matching based on the patient record and patient pathology reports that are processed by Inspirata’s AI natural language engine.

The clinical trial matches that the Carebox matching engine automatically surfaces based on the provided clinical and genomic profile are then presented in the context of the oncologist EHR using SMART of FHIR technology and participation in EHR application integration programs such as the Epic App Orchard.

Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) uses Carebox APIs and Widget to embed pre-screening and matching in its Study Connect platform.

BMS turned to Carebox to add the Carebox multi-lingual condition-based questionnaire library and clinical trial matching engine as an integral part of the BMS Study Connect web platform. Carebox APIs and an embeddable “matching questionnaire widget” allowed BMS to include these capabilities even though Carebox was not otherwise involve in the development of Study Connect.

On the home page and condition-specific educational pages, visitors to Study Connect can click “Pre-Screen Now” to complete a brief Carebox-powered questionnaire about their condition and then see which clinical trials in the BMS portfolio might be relevant, based on their answers. Questionnaires are available on Study Connect for over 40 conditions in over 1o different languages.

Once visitors find a clinical trial of interest on Study Connect, the same Carebox questionnaires and matching engine are used to pre-screen prior to connecting the visitor the trial site as a referral. This ensures that Study Connect provides only high-quality referrals to BMS study team partners.

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