Carebox for Healthcare Stakeholders

A new patient-centered approach to clinical interoperability networks.

Mobile Health Apps, Population Health Analytics, Retail Clinics, Telehealth, ACOs…

dev-acc_spriteTraditional approaches to clinical interoperability networks are not agile enough or cost-effective enough for today’s new healthcare data sharing use-cases and workflows.

With recent changes to the healthcare landscape, there is a need to connect new sources of patient data to traditional EHR/HIE networks and to make health data available to new point-of-care solutions, mobile applications, and analytic solutions that aren’t part of the “data connectivity infrastructure” of large hospital systems and physician practices.

Consumer-centric healthcare data is good for patients, and for healthcare providers/stakeholders as well.


ACOs & Physician Networks

  • Allow patient data to be accessed seamlessly along the continuity of care by all providers
  • Access a more complete/accurate patient healthcare history and context for improved care and operational efficiency
  • Achieve practical interoperability in support of ACOs, shared-risk reimbursement, and pay-for-performance initiatives

Richer Analytics

  • Deliver better analysis by aggregating data from more data sources than any one facility or network can access
  • Improve care-related insights by analyzing more complete data from new patient-centric sources
  • Carebox integration services for sponsors can automatically flow discrete patient clinical elements directly into your analytics systems via standard interfaces and APIs

Medicare CCM

Medicare’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) initiative gives incentive to healthcare providers to coordinate care for patients with multiple chronic conditions.

  • Carebox provides a repository for patient data which can be accessed by providers coordinating care across disparate EHR systems
  • Care plans, patient consent forms, and other documentation necessary for CCM reimbursement can also be stored/shared
  • Special CCM-support features for tracking reimbursement requirements
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