Carebox for
Life Sciences

Carebox is helping to transform the world of Life Sciences Research!

EMandCBCarebox has partnered with EmergingMed – a market leader in patient-centric clinical trial recruitment and matching services – to deliver a next-generation patient engagement and real world evidence (RWE) solution for the life sciences market.


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and what it means for patients, clinical trial sponsors, researchers, and the life sciences ecosystem of stakeholders and solution providers.

Clinical Trial Matching & Recruitment

Robust health records facilitate clinical trial matching

  • Better trial matching algorithms and identification of candidates for clinical trials.
  • Complement self-reported data with that collected from EHR records in provider systems.
  • EM_PatientJourney
  • Augment or replace manual record collection services.
  • Carebox partners with genetics testing services to provide combined genomic and clinical data for trial matching.
  • Carebox data can be integrated directly into research databases and patient registries, via standard interfaces.

Clinical Data Donation

Consumers can donate their clinical data independently of their providers

  • collect-user-icMaintain security of patient health data, while making it easy to share anonymously at patient discretion.
  • No additional overhead for consumers/patients – as they become record-ready in support of their own healthcare needs, they are empowered to effortlessly become clinical data donors.
Clinical Data Donation - TED Talk by Craig Lipset, Pfizer