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Accessing Our Own Health Records is Our Right


You have a right to get an electronic copy of all of your healthcare records from every doctor, hospital, and health service provider. It’s critical for your health and that of family members in your care. It’s also key to transforming our healthcare system for better quality and increased affordability.

Read below how to get involved and support the Get My Health Data movement.

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Get Involved in “Get My Health Data”

Empowering consumers to be healthcare record-ready is a primary public policy issue in healthcare today.

Learn more and get involved in the growing movement to make everyone’s “right to access” healthcare data not just legally mandated, but a practical reality.

Then, use Carebox to get started yourself.


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“Tracers” Ask for Records


As part of the Get My Health Data movement, Dr. Farzad Motashari – the former National Healthcare IT Coordinator at ONC – is encouraging all patients to become “tracers” by asking their doctors/hospitals for an electronic copy of their data.

Carebox is ideal for supporting “tracers” – and everything related to our healthcare data record collection. To become a “tracer”, just set up a Carebox account and ask your doctor/hospital to Carebox It!

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Use Carebox “Collectors” to Get Your Healthcare Records


  • Three years of Medicare claims history
  • Clinical summaries from patient portals provided by your hospital or physician
  • Data from personal health devices
  • Uploaded imaging studies
  • Any electronic records you have in any format by e-mailing them to from your e-mail address
  • Discharge and visit summaries sent directly from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) used by your care providers