is the leading innovator in clinical trial enrollment optimization. E.med_logo

The company provides services for patients that raise awareness and facilitate access to clinical trials. These patient-focused services are part of the broader solution EmergingMed hosts for clinical trial sponsors and investigators to manage the complexities of patient identification, recruitment and retention. These services include the gathering of patient health data, both to identify patients appropriate for specific trials, and to use once participants have been selected.

Carebox and EmergingMed have partnered to help participating patients gather and aggregate a broad range of relevant healthcare data, which further enhances both the clinical-trial matching results as well as the enrollment process in clinical trials once a match is found.

Patient-Centric Data/Services for Life Sciences

EmergingMed and Carebox share a vision and combined solution capabilities that extend well beyond clinical trial recruitment and navigation services. Together, we are laying the foundations for a new generation of patient-centric data and services offerings for Life Sciences.

For Patients

EmergingMed Navigators engage personally and directly with patients throughout their clinical journey. This is a best practice for clinical trial matching, – and it also ensures that the patient’s Carebox is continually updated with their clinical health records, genetic sequencing test results, self-reported questionnaire responses, demographic and profile information, matched trial search results, etc.



Throughout their journey, patient’s can be engaged (with patient advance consent) by EmegingMed Navigators for a range of Real World Data / Evidence (RWE / RWD) gathering, observational studies, patient registry updates, anonymized clinical data donation for research, participation in support networks and patient advocacy services, and more.


For Clinical Trial Sponsors

EmergingMed Navigators actively assist patients in their clinical trial search. The EmergingMed trials database goes far beyond ClinicalTrials.gov to include a wide array of a sources. The trial matching algorithm leverages all Carebox gathered data including the parsed output of genetic testing results, as well as disease-specific questionnaires. Continuous engagement of EmergingMed Navigators throughout the patient journey maximizes the probability of properly timed trial match opportunities.

Once a suitable trial is matched, educated and prequalified patients are “healthcare record-ready” to optimize the trial on-boarding process.


For A Broader Life Sciences Ecosystem

EM_LogosThe combined EmergingMed/Carebox offering delivers a range of benefits to all stakeholders involved in the clinical treatment journey for patient’s with a wide range of health conditions – not only to those organizations that directly sponsor clinical trials.

For example, patient-advocacy groups can sponsor the EmeringMed/Carebox solution (directly, or via grants from funding phrmaceutical and research organizations) to enhance the services they offer their members to raise awareness of clinical trial options and inform their decision-making about treatment options. This complements other national or local education and support efforts. Furthermore, by helping their patient members be healthcare record-ready across clinical, genetic, and self-reported profile data – they both support quality care as well as empowering members to participate in clinical data donation and observational studies in support of research efforts for cures and treatments.

Each customer engagement iteratively enhances the underlying patient and clinical trial databases, which can then be brought to bare on a range of additional use-cases, from clinical trial catalogs, to matching patient searches, to patient registries, to clinical data for observational studies and research.