Carebox for Everyone

Easily Collect & Organize Your Healthcare Records

Becoming healthcare record-ready consumers

For too long, healthcare records have been managed exclusively by our healthcare providers and payers. That limits our care choices and our ability to share our records how and when we want. The result is reduced care quality at higher costs, for everyone.

With the changes in healthcare today: high-deductible plans, mail-in lab tests, self-insured employers, tele-health, retail healthcare services, and more… we need new approaches to “healthcare data interoperability” that can take our healthcare system and our personal well-being to a better future.

Below is some of how and why Carebox helps us all become “healthcare record-ready”.


How Carebox Helps You

  • Help your doctors and other providers take care better care of you
  • Coordinate care for your children and/or elderly parents
  • Switch doctors and know that your information is not locked away with your previous provider
  • Freedom to travel knowing that your information will be accessible from anywhere
  • Stop re-entering/re-telling/re-testing the same information at every doctor or specialist
  • More effectively leverage tele-health services, medical consultation web sites, and social health networks
  • Decide when and with whom to share your clinical data – with other providers, with caregivers and loved ones, and/or for clinical research
  • Replace binders, cardboard boxes, and desk drawers with a secure, cloud-based repository
  • Carry an “in case of emergency” access code card in your pocket or on your mobile phone home screen
  • Integrate data from wearables and personal monitoring devices – across multiple mobile and web platforms

How Carebox Works

  • Automatically poll your patient portals and update your Carebox records automatically with your health record data available online
  • Automatically maintain an up to date copy of your Medicare claims records with information about your doctor visits, procedures, and diagnoses
  • Automatically incorporate data from your personal health and fitness devices
  • Upload X-rays, MRIs and other imaging studies you get on a CD
  • Have your providers use the capabilities of their EHR to easily send visit and discharge summaries to your Carebox
  • You don’t have to learn or use any web or mobile application to benefit from Carebox
  • End the paper chase… get the electronic copies of your records that you are legally entitled to, instead of printouts and faxes.

Additional Capabilities

  • Authorize full-time caregivers permanent access to your Carebox contents
  • Authorize one-time access to any provider or caregiver
  • Capture your current paper records via photo or scan, and e-mail or upload them into Carebox
  • Carebox will automatically assign categories to your records to help you organize them and find the ones you need
  • Optionally add additional notes and categories to your Carebox records for organization and retrieval
  • Search for keywords in all automatically-generated or manually entered notes and categories to find relevant records quickly
  • Take advantage of personal health applications that can leverage Carebox records