The Patient-Centric Healthcare Data Interoperability Platform

“Patient-Centric Healthcare Data Interoperatbility Platform” – that’s quite a mouthful!

What it means is that Carebox brings patient medical record data – from wherever it’s stored – into your healthcare enterprise solutions.

Care coordination, patient-centric clinical research, population health management, payor and provider analytics, consumer engagement solutions, mobile health platforms…. what these all have in common is a need for access to patient clinical data out of reach  in multiple EHRs, HIEs, Medicare, VA, and countless other sources.

Carebox connects those sources to your healthcare enterprise solutions.


About Carebox Embedding Carebox in Your Solution

Transforming Life Sciences With Carebox

Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) know how increasingly critical real world evidence/data (RWE/RWD) is, for every phase of the treatment development lifecycle. Carebox enables better clinical trial matching, more effective clinical trial on-boarding, patient engagement for life sciences and patient advocacy organizations, improved patient registry development and maintenance, lower-cost observational studies, clinical data donation, post-approval observational studies, and more.

Together with our partner EmergingMed, we enable trial sponsors, genetic testing organizations, patient advocacy groups, research sites and provider networks to manage the complexities of patient identification, recruitment and retention.

Carebox for Life Sciences

ACOs, Provider/Payer Networks, and Analytics

Carebox delivers a new patient-centered approach to clinical interoperability networks.

ACOs, self-insured employers, employee health plans, high-deductible health insurance, telehealth, campus clinics, and more… traditional approaches to “big, heavy, fixed-pipe clinical networks” are not agile enough or cost-effective enough for today’s healthcare data sharing use-cases and workflows.

Carebox for Providers & Payers

Healthcare Record-Ready Consumers

Your medical records are everywhere… You have a legal right to a copy of all of them, but what a hassle it is to try and collect and organize them – let alone maintain them. Carebox changes that!

Whether for yourself or a loved one in your care, Carebox delivers “automagical” collection and organization of healthcare records from multiple sources, with minimal hassle.

When you provide Carebox to your patients, consumers, plan members, or employees – you are empowering them to become healthcare record-ready consumers. It’s critical for them and their caregivers. And it enables them to offer them so much more!