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Our breakthrough technology solutions for Condition-Based Patient Clinical Trial Matching and Patient-Mediated Automated Medical Record Collection are now part of offerings from market-leading pharmaceutical, patient engagement, disease advocacy, and life science research companies.

We can’t wait to tell the world about the next chapter of our exciting story… but we (and you) have to wait just a little bit longer as we’ve taken down our old web site and are busy readying a brand new one. Come back in January 2019 and check it (and us) out!

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Condition-Based Clinical Trial Matching and Pre-Screening

Patients and those that care for and about them are searching for treatment options that leverage the latest advances in personalized medicine, genomics, and drug research. For pharmaceutical companies, clinical trial recruitment is a $4B market that is not solving the number one bottleneck in a $60B drug development R&D market.

With only a handful of patient-answerable questions for any of over one hundred supported conditions, our patented algorithms supported by our AI-driven data curation, instantly and effectively match a comprehensive global database of clinical trials.

Today, our transformative Condition-Based Clinical Trial Matching and Pre-Screening is an integral part of the Clinical Trial Navigation services we run on behalf of over fifty leading pharmaceutical, patient advocacy, and medical center study sites; and is embedded in the digital platforms and in-house or CRO-led patient-centric offerings from trial sponsors.

Over 500,000 patients have searched for and pre-screened for trials using our condition-based pre-screening and matching. But we’re just getting started on the path to making our patient-centric approach the foundation of connecting patients and clinical trials, everywhere.

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Automated Medical Record Collection

Your medical records are everywhere… You have a legal right to a copy of all of them, but what a hassle it is to try and collect and organize them – let alone maintain them. Our automated patient-mediated medical record collection solutions deliver “automagical” collection and organization of healthcare records from multiple sources, with minimal hassle.

We bring patient medical record data – otherwise out of reach in multiple EHRs, HIEs, Medicare, VA, wearable devices, genetic testing services, labs, and countless other sources. – into healthcare and life sciences solutions to enhance patient engagement, advance research, and even accelerate life insurance underwriting.

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